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Music Man CD

Music Man CD


10-song album about the thrills and struggles of music life

Includes: Faithfully, the Highway, Goin' to Austin, Singer Songwriter, Sweet Music Man, Bridge over Troubled Water (Featuring Becky Freeman) and more.


    “I’ve spent most of my life chasing these dreams. But I’ve spent most of my time licking my wounds.” And so begins the words to one of my songs. With the MUSIC MAN album, I deliver songs that reflect those dreams, those wounds.


    From the dance halls to the highway, this album weaves the narrative of a rambling, struggling, loving soul searching out a place to sing my songs and always missing home. From the songs I wrote so long ago to the songs I wish I had written, but I was running way behind, this album is the nearest thing to what I’ve ever wanted (or needed) to say.


    MUSIC MAN is not just another contemporary album, but is instead reminiscent of the days before autotuning and overt stage theatrics. It is the bare essence of what it means to be Country, and by opening my heart to the gentle listener, I have shown that honesty and vulnerability are not so far apart.


    With this album, it is my desire that you travel with me. Let’s go on a highway run with Faithfully. God I love The highway! Or maybe you’ll be Goin’ to Austin with this old Singer Songwriter. Don’t worry, I’ll Protect the Guilty ‘cause you know I’m just a Sweet Music Man.

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