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Outlaw Band T-shirt

Outlaw Band T-shirt


Jess Wade & Company Custom T-shirt

professionally designed by Red Type Design

FRONT: Jess Wade & Company

(Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Rocker, Rebel)

BACK: Outlaw Country Rock Band


    Embodying the essence of a rugged American musician and the untamed spirit of country rock, the new Jess Wade Band branding makes a debut. The bold, dynamic typography echoes the energy of his performances, intertwined with subtle elements reminiscent of retro-rock and a twist of Western; the logo design was inspired by the unique quality of Jess Wade and his music.


    Jess had one challenge he had been wrestling with for years—how to incorporate a treble clef into a “J” for his name. He says, “Our old logo design had a treble clef, but it never looked right. It kinda worked, but it was not something we wanted to build our brand around. It never made it on the marquee.”


    Red Type Design spent quite a few hours tweaking the styling of the typography to get the right look. No clipart or standardized treble clef worked; all were a fail. The treble clef used is highly customized— the tilt, cupped serif of the “J,” and the stroke width and typeface were pretty much sketched out to get the right look. Additionally, subtle elements were added to evoke Country Rock and the rugged individualism that personifies the unique character of Jess Wade—SINGER • SONGWRITER • POET • ROCKER • REBEL.


    Additionally, Red Type Design designed various tee shirts with the logo and slogans on the backs of the custom-printed tee shirts, including “A Drinkin’ Band with a Music Problem” and “Outlaw Country Rock Band.” The typography and accent scrollwork have a mix of Western and modern that Jess wanted for the tee shirts.


    Jess is the real deal! I have no doubt this up-and-coming artist will be hitting some new highs in his career, and we look forward to hearing more from him. Working with him on this branding project and custom-printed tee shirts was an honor. Jess is very genuine and a down-to-earth person. I enjoyed meeting him and discussing music, the arts, and our faith.


    Jess Wade & Company brings the heart and soul of country rock to life with performances that blend classic rock with the timeless resonance of country. Led by the charismatic Jess Wade, the band delivers foot-stomping rhythms, original songs, and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with audiences of all ages. Whether tearing up the stage at a honky-tonk or serenading a sunset crowd at a country festival, Jess Wade & Company promises an unforgettable night.

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